The rate of unemployment in Ghana keeps increasing by the year. With the current rate of unemployment being 4.51%, job hunt has become the order of the day.

Most job seekers navigate through online recruitment portals in an effort to find some current job postings where they can easily apply. I recall when my friend came complaining to me that most of the Ghanaian job posts on LinkedIn and other job posting sites are outdated.  Well she is not the only person I have heard this from, a lot more people.

This could be some of the reasons why most jobs on LinkedIn and other online recruitment portals are out dated

  • No monitoring; Every job posting comes with deadlines. As a result, HR practitioners should check and monitor job postings. Once final selection of candidates has been done, the job postings should be taken off.


  • No communication between institutions and online recruitment agencies. Usually this is what happens, once the HRs get their preferred skilled candidate, they do not communicate with the online recruiters to update them on the job postings they made. The posts still remain public and job seekers who see this apply with the hope of getting an opportunity.


  • Last minute job postings. When it comes to posting of jobs, it should be done immediately. No time for later because they have deadlines.  Most online recruiters wait till the very last minute before uploading a job post.  This then changes it from an opportunity to a formality.


At work in Ghana, we understand that looking for a job can be very frustrating. As such we try to make it easy and convenient for our audience, one of the ways we do this is that we ensure all job posts are done on time (not few days or hours to the deadline). We also maintain constant communication with HRs of the organizations that we recruit for. This enables us to have updates on what the company decides on.  We know there is the likelihood for jobs to load automatically so we ensure that we monitor our site constantly and delete outdated jobs on our portal.

Are you tired of coming across outdated jobs? Frustrated of waiting for a response from your recruiter?  Choose work in Ghana and let’s show you what we can do.