The Recruiters Hub -Why choose Work in Ghana

Job hunting has become the order of the day in recent years. Statistics show that about 11.9 % (World Population Review, 2020) of Ghana’s population is currently unemployed.  Day in, day out, employers earnestly seek for platforms to advertise their job postings. In other parts of the world, there are a number of recruitment agencies that connect applicants to their employers using online platforms. This in one way or the other helps to reduce unemployment and the hassle involved in the traditional job application process. In Ghana, there are just a few of such agencies that link qualified applicants to their desired jobs. This is still an evolving trend in the country and hence just a few agencies have mastered the art.

Looking for an online recruitment agency to assist you hire the best and skilled candidate for your job? Look no further. Work in Ghana is an awesome recruitment agency that connects qualified applicants to employers.

Why choose Work in Ghana as an employer?

Best fit for the position: We assist you get the best fit candidate for that vacant position. As we have a highly skilled and professionally trained team that aids in finding the ideal candidate. We also have a user base of about 3,000 qualified users where employers can easily tap into.

Hire faster: As William Penn once said, “time is what we want most, but what we use worst”. As a recruitment agency, our aim is to find candidates much faster than you can. We have an extensive pool in our database and a network of connections, to help access the system to discover candidates with those hard to find skills you are looking for.

User-friendly website: Our user-friendly website makes it easy for employers to use the service at their comfort even with their mobile phones. This facilitates job postings for lots of good companies seeking top talents to apply for various roles.

Wondering if you can easily track your posting from time to time? Your guess is as good as mine. Work in Ghana offers you consistent communication through emails and push notifications on progress with your postings. Sign up with work in Ghana at and let’s help you build the dream team you are looking for.