With Ghana gearing up for what might become its most successful economy year everyone that is looking for a job will have to be able to be competitive in a fast-growing country like this.

One way to look at yourself to succeed is to view yourself as a product. A product that is the solution to the problem the company is trying to solve. Your task here will be to convince them that you, the product are the ideal solution to the special problem they are facing.

A product lists its features and explains what it can do but also might have certifications and testimonials. The same way you have to ask:

What are my best features/skills?

How can I solve these companies issues?

What qualifications/certificates/testimonials have I received that are relevant to this role?

Who can confirm this?

Can I show and prove this professionalism?

What are my best features?

When looking at skills people usually write confident statements into their CV but we need more than confidence. We need facts and proof that you have done what you said you have done. How to go by this you ask? The first step is to make statements that only you can write. Unique experiences and tasks you have done.


Instead of  ”I am a confident young and ambitious student” you say ” I worked at the Ghana Entertainment network and lead a 2 man team of representatives on a project”.

How can I solve this companies issue?

Remember we mentioned thinking of yourself as the solution to a companies issue. If you apply that thinking to your self you will find many examples like every time you go to buy a top-up for your mobile money. Why do you do it? Because you are trying to solve some type of issue. The solution is to employ your money to work for you. The solution is to top up and then buy that delicious jollof rice you have been thinking about. The same way you have to think of the company you are applying for they are employing you as a solution to the issue they are facing. Unlike the example with mobile money and jollof rice in your case, there is much more required. Your skills and experience have to come together like the missing ingredient for this company. This means make your CV look like a direct solution to the requirements listed for the job you want.

Can I show and prove this professionalism?

A common mistake is to make a list of skills. That only tells the employer that you are a doer. But what the employer needs is an achiever. Rather than saying. I know how to a, b and c, you tell them: within 2 months of working at Lambda School Ghana I came 1st in class.

What relevant qualifications/certificates have I received?

Here you list all the relevant qualifications in the order in which you received them. Make sure you keep the originals or copies say in case the employer requests them. This part is quite straight forward. It is up to you if you would like to include any more information. You can add the modules you studied and the grades you have received but it is not necessary.

Who can confirm this?

This one is short and simple. The best way to go about this is to contact your previous employer, teacher, or whoever you worked under and ask them if you can provide their information.

What are my best features?

To do this you can include sections in your CV that show “Achievements” under previous jobs or next to them. Example: Achievement: “Voted Best Employee in year 2020.” Or “Lead project that boosted revenue by 30% and saved 10% in fees.”


The idea is to approach your CV in a way that gives your future employer the idea that you can not just do the job but do the job well and also that you can work well with other people. To build on our example from before don’t be a cook, be a chef. Use all of the right seasoning (skills) spread it correctly (CV Structure)