The main objective of this research is to assess the impact of sulphur application on growth, yield and economics of cereals grown in the Guinea Savanna and Semi-Deciduous forest agro-ecological zones of Ghana.

Specifically, the intern will

  • Assemble data from sulphur related field trials conducted in the study areas
  • Assemble data from FERARI sulphur field trials
  • Analyze the data for correlations, synergistic as well as antagonistic effect of sulphur on other macro and micronutrients
  • Analyze the economics of sulphur application to crops


The student shall collect reports, and data of identified sulphur related field trials in the selected agro-ecological zones as well as data from FERARI sulphur omission trials. The student shall also propose sound analytical methods for each objective.


At the end of the research, the student shall produce a thesis, policy brief and a report to FERARI on this research. Furthermore, the intern would be required to produce a research article that can be published in a scientific journal for our wider international audience.


The duration for this assignment shall be seven (7) months (first month for inception proposal, second and third month for the design of research instruments and field data collection and the remaining four months for data analysis, report writing and research article drafting.

Selection procedure

Applicants should send their motivation letter and CV. Selection will be based on thorough review of these documents and an interview with a selection committee.

Application should include the following:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. A cover letter Indicating current Institution.
  3. A supporting letter from Thesis Supervisor.


An MPhil/MSc student in agronomy, Crop Physiologist, or any related discipline, who has completed the course work of his/her master’s degree and at the research stage. The student must demonstrate high qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.