Summary and Corporate Profile:

A rapidly growing Group company with two decades in the hospitality industry is seeking an experienced Marketing and Sales Executive to spearhead expansion, research and develop marketing strategies and opportunities, as well as plan and implementing new sales plans. The Head of Sales and Marketing is responsible for leading the marketing and sales departments to meet the company’s operations and financial goals.

The Group is a proud family business that strives to focus on providing exceptional customer experience at any of its properties. The hand on management employed by the Group has been one of the key drivers for the success of the Group. Its slogan, “It’s about you” reiterates the group’s focus on excellent customer service.

Role Description and Responsibilities

  • Manage the Group’s marketing and sales departments and staff to meet the overall company set goals and targets annually.

  • Develop plans to help establish the brand, allocate resources to different projects and set short-term and long-term departmental goals.

  • Develop strategies for all marketing teams including sales, online/digital, advertising, and communication.

  • Prepare and manage monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the Marketing and Sales departments.

  • Ensure the up to date training needs of all sales and marketing personnel.

  • Plan and oversee direct involvement in the execution of customer operations.

  • Increase profitability through customer acquisition and enhance profitability derived from existing customers.

  • Set annual targets and benchmarks for sales and marketing departments.

  • Lead and ensure the success of customer-focused activities and events.

  • Lead the marketing and sales managers to deliver on set targets.

  • Create and manage weekly, monthly quarterly and annual agreed sales and marketing metrics.

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, presentations and meetings with key management staff.

  • Ensure the brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages and promotional material).

Person Specification

Experience and Education:

  • A minimum of +10 years of industry experience in a managerial and customer-focused role.

  • A Bachelor of Science or Master’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration or relevant field is highly preferred.

  • Up to date marketing knowledge, international business knowledge and understanding/experience of integrating online marketing.

  • Experience working in senior management and providing international standard services to clients.


  • Leadership skills with the ability to set and prioritize goals.

  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Advanced proficiency in PowerPoint presentations.

  • Prior experience in hospitality, experience in customer service, or related field.

  • Charismatic and well-presented always due to the high level of interaction with local, national and international visitors.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; proficient in English-language business writing.

  • Highly organized multitasker who works well in a fast-paced environment.

  • Excellent attention to detail with the ability to multitask and lead teams.

Business Behaviors:

  • Ability to lead multiple departments.

  • Customer-focused with the ability to build excellent working relationships.

  • Ability to influence decision making.

  • Ability to provide international standard customer service experiences.

Interacts with:


  • CEO

  • Marketing Department

  • Sales Department

  • Management Staff

  • Non-Management Staff

  • All other functions/departments


  • Specialist consulting agencies

  • 3rd Party Organizations

  • Government ministries, departments and agencies

  • Clients

  • All other external correspondence



  • Marketing and Sales Staff


  • N/A

Salary and Other Benefits

Salary- Competitive

• Health Insurance

• Training and Development

• Statutory Leave Days

• Annual Bonus


This job has expired.