Summary and Corporate Profile:

A rapidly growing Group company with two decades in the hospitality industry is seeking an experienced Head of Finance to supervise all financial tasks of the Group company and ensure capital and resources are being used beneficially. The Head of Finance responsibilities include ensuring profitability, creating forecasting models, assessing risk in investments and financial transactions, as well as ensuring all accounting activities comply with regulations.

The Group is a proud family business that strives to focus on providing exceptional customer experience at any of its properties. The hand on management employed by the Group has been one of the key drivers for the success of the Group. Its slogan, “It’s about you” reiterates the group’s focus on excellent customer service.

Role Description and Responsibilities

• Manage the Group’s cash flow to meet the overall company set financial goals.

• Forecast monthly, quarterly and annual results

• Approve or reject budgets

• Conduct risk management

• Evaluate and decide on investments

• Supervise a team of Accountants and Finance staff

• Allocate resources

• Conduct profit and cost analyses

• Develop secure procedures to maintain confidential information

• Ensure all accounting activities and internal audits comply with financial regulations

• Consult board members about funding options

• Recommend cost-reducing solutions

Person Specification

Experience and Education:

• A minimum of +10 years of industry experience in a finance, accounting and/or related role.

• A Bachelor of Science or Master’s Degree in Financial Management, Accounting or relevant certification is highly preferred.

• Up to date accounting knowledge, international business knowledge and understanding/experience of finance.

• Experience working in senior Management and providing international standard financial services to clients.


• Proven work experience as a Head of Finance, Director of Finance or similar role.

• In-depth understanding of cash flow management, bank reconciliation and bookkeeping.

• Hands-on experience with budgeting and risk management.

• Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting models.

• Proficiency in accounting software.

• Solid analytical and decision-making skills.

• Leadership abilities.

Business Behaviors:

• Ability to lead multiple departments.

• Managing relationships with statutory bodies.

• Customer focused with the ability to build excellent working relationships.

• Ability to provide international standard customer service experiences.

Interacts with:



• Finance Department

• Management Staff

• Non-Management Staff

• All other functions/departments


• Specialist consulting agencies

• 3rd Party Organizations

• Government ministries, departments and agencies

• Clients

• All other external correspondence



• Finance Department and Staff


• N/A

Salary and Other Benefits

Salary- Competitive

• Health Insurance

• Training and Development

• Statutory Leave Days

• Annual Bonus


This job has expired.