Job Description

  • Train students Practical and theory catering topics.
  • Design hands-on lesson plans that allow students to learn how to use the tools, equipment, technology, and techniques necessary to perform the tasks required of the job
  • Develop teaching aids to accompany hands-on work by creating visual aids, providing homework assignments, developing study guides and providing lists of resources such as apps or educational websites
  • Create and administer oral, written or performance exams that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your lesson plans and the progress of your students to determine which information needs further teaching
  • Meet with students, parents, other teachers, and guidance counselors to discuss students’ progress, address concerns, answer questions, provide constructive feedback and determine how students can further benefit from your classes in the future.
  • Prepare and maintain student records to include attendance records, grades, behavioral reports, current courses, plans for their careers and contact information for them and their parents
  • Advise students on career decisions, including providing guidance and suggestions regarding future coursework, possible specializations and other career-related topics
  • Attend training sessions, conferences, and seminars to further your own education regarding technological and procedural changes in your field so that you can provide the information to your students


This job has expired.