About the job

Main Duties

Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment

  • Installing and modifying medical equipment and instruments within hospitals, health centres, and extended care facilities
  • Ensuring the safety of medical equipment used for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients
  • Design and develop devices to assist with a physical disability, such as prostheses
  • Design and evaluate the efficacy of medical devices, such as pacemakers, dialysis machines, and patient monitors
  • Study medical systems and products to prepare and present reports to research groups, hospital boards, or professional associations
  • Develop and improve medical technology, such as surgical lasers and artificial hips and knees
  • Supervision of biomedical technicians and technologists


Minimum of three years experience in laboratory equipment installation, maintenance and repair

  • Strong understanding of medicine and engineering
  • Ability to work independently as well as within a team of other professions, such as physicians, researchers, and surgeons
  • Ability to analyze complex problems and procedures
  • Creative design and development skills
  • Ability to adapt and apply conceptual ideas into reality
  • Ability to articulate ideas and concepts clearly in written, verbal, and visual form



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