About Us

Welcome to Work in Ghana, Ghanaians’ no. 1 platform to connect professionals with opportunities of their lifetime within their own communities. Work in Ghana aims to provide the fastest, efficient and easy to use online job platform that connects qualified candidates with the right businesses.


To tackle unemployment in Ghana head-on by connecting qualified job seekers with employers through fast, easy-to-use and efficient online recruitment system. And offering our users the network and support for sustained success.


“To contribute to bringing out the hidden potential in Ghana and the continent of Africa to the world. By creating tools for talent discovery to push humanity forward.”

Our Story

After a visit, years ago from Ghana to Germany, Ernest asked himself why there aren’t sites like the ones he knew in Europe to find jobs back home. He decided to act on this challenge and this was the birth of Work In Ghana. Along the journey, long term friends Kevin and Jerry joined as they shared the same Vision. Work In Ghana was only intended to provide regular updates of local jobs but as time went on the demand grew beyond that. People with PhDs and doctorates are sending in their CVs and job postings triggering 1000+ applications for some roles. We aim to meet this demand and continue creating economic opportunity for the people of Ghana and the rest of the Continent.