Whether you like writing Curriculum Vitae (CV) for an oil and Gas Company, Procurement jobs, administrative or any job vacancy in Ghana, most organizations will require you to come with a CV document for possible employment.  I remember the first time I was asked to submit my CV, for a factory job in Accra, I just took my brother’s own, replaced his name with mine and submitted. Because I did not have a CV template document to use as a guide. I have   been working as a waitress in Ghana and partaking in other hand works.  Little did I know that was one wrong move? After an interview, I realized that oops all that wasn’t me and oh the interview was tough it didn’t go well.  Wondering why your CV hasn’t been picked yet? The secret about writing a good CV is that you just have to be you, precise and honest.  Thinking of how to do this? This might be your breakthrough. Join me as I take you through a step by step process in achieving this.


  1. Write your personal details. This should consist of your email address, mobile number, residential address and any information that employers can find more about you.


  1. In some few sentence, summarize and highlight your key attributes and characteristics and envisioned future path. Your words must flow in an orderly smooth and uninterrupted manner. Avoid using ambiguous words and cliché.
  2. Employment History and work experience. Place this before education if you have been working for a while. Start with your most recent job and details of your experience can be bulleted concisely.
  3. Education and Training; Begin with your most recent qualifications and work back to the ones you received at school.
  4. Language Proficiency ; This can separate your CV from other candidates if you are applying for a job at an international company.
  5. Achievements; be sure to include your academic, professional achievements and any other position you have held before, for example, as a Senior Investment Officer. This will help distinguish yourself from other candidates. This can easily make you stand out.
  6. Interests; Include your interest that will possibly be suitable to the job you are applying to. Note that any interests that will be a distraction to your performance at work will be a minus.
  7. References; Name two people, (One from your professional and academic background each.) add their phone numbers who may be contacted by your employer to confirm any questions that they may have.

Voila, there you have it, you have a resume that can generate results. Be sure to check for punctuation and grammatical errors because you only have one chance to make a first impression which can earn you a good a salary.  Above all keep it simple, believe in yourself and be confident.